Auto Pulse Zoll


Customized compressions
The AutoPulse delivers compressions to the needs of each patient. Engineered to account for patient-to-patient variability, it automatically calculates the size, shape, and resistance of each patient’s chest to achieve 20% anterior-posterior displacement.
Integrated care delivery
It’s clear that the AutoPulse delivers high-quality CPR. And when ZOLL’S ResQPOD® ITD (impedance threshold device) is used in combination with highquality CPR, survival has been shown to increase by 25% or more, due to the reduction in intracranial pressure and increased blood flow to the brain.”

Event data access
Through the AutoPulse board, event data is captured and can be downloaded to RescueNet Code Review for debriefing of resuscitation events to improve future performance.
Designed to overcome the real-life challenges of delivering good CPR, the AutoPulse is made for resuscitation on the move.

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