Zainee Healthcare

Zainee Healthcare is an organization that dwells in the healthcare department and is based in India. Our representative office is in Dubai, UAE. We are an emerging trading agency that is established in the United Arab Emirates with our partners having over 3+ decades of experience in the field.

To expand our footprint, Zainee Healthcare offers the finest and most procured healthcare related products. These products are from the most popular and major manufacturing companies that have an expertise in the pharmaceutical field. Our products are of the greatest quality and excellence along with having certificates of various accreditations from different countries.

From surgical, disposables and implants to all kinds of medical equipment, we have a wide and varied collection of products.

Excellence is Our Specialty.

We strive to serve only the best to our customers. Health is of the utmost importance and that is very well understood by Zainee Healthcare. As a result, we don’t compromise on that factor at all. Speaking of excellence, we have a perfectly trained and experienced team of professionals and manufacturers that supply us with their products. Our aim lies in delivering the highest quality products all around the world.

Decades of experience

Zainee Healthcare believes in delivering the finest healthcare products worldwide. Our mission is to contact and seek importers from all around the world and provide necessary medical and pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Our mission

Your car. Our passion

We are proud to present that our team of workers are highly experienced and professionally trained in the trading business as well as the pharmaceutical and medical departments altogether.

Our team